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Sponge filters

Sponge filters are one of the most under-utilized tools for a new fishkeeper. Most fishkeepers start out with a filter known as a hang on back filter, or a HOB.

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My Journey

6/10/20 Today we move out of our house. We have just sold it. We will be moving to the Netherlands  next month! We are currently staying with family, and will

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Saltwater Tank Part 2

So I recently took 2 trips to the aquarium store. Most supplies are a little different from the ones in the first post.  The first store was PetCo. There I

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Saltwater Tank Part 1

Saltwater tank plans: Currently, I am setting up a 10-gallon, budgeted saltwater reef, although the tank is still in storage. If you want you can set up a similar tank

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