Fishkeeping For Kids

Why pea puffers are the #1 desktop fish

Pea puffers: the perfect desktop fish For the most part, if you want a desktop fish, you are limited to a betta, and maybe a few shrimp or snails (for the purpose of this post, a desktop tank is <5 gallons). What if I told you there was another way- a fish that was small […]

What is the best fish tank size?

So you want an aquarium. You might remember the phrase “bigger is better.” But in this case, bigger is not always better, and smaller also has its disadvantages. This may be confusing, so I will explain the best tank size for beginners.    Well, the main advantage of a smaller tank is the price. For […]

Sponge filters

Sponge filters are one of the most under-utilized tools for a new fishkeeper. Most fishkeepers start out with a filter known as a hang on back filter, or a HOB. While they can be suitable for a new fishkeeper, they have a tendency to clog pretty easily and most of the cheap ones break in […]

My Journey

6/10/20 Today we move out of our house. We have just sold it. We will be moving to the Netherlands  next month! We are currently staying with family, and will be moving to a small town called Mcalester in a week. I unfortunately had to sell my fish tanks. My 20 gallon with 3 female […]