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Today we move out of our house. We have just sold it. We will be moving to the Netherlands  next month! We are currently staying with family, and will be moving to a small town called Mcalester in a week. I unfortunately had to sell my fish tanks. My 20 gallon with 3 female mollies and a crayfish was given to family, and my empty 10-gallon was sold online.


We are currently staying in Biloxi, MS. Hurricane Delta is about to hit, but we are safe inside our rental house. We’ve been here for one month (before that we stayed before Mcalester). Next we will be moving back to a small lake house rental in Oklahoma. We have decided to buy a house in Oklahoma, since Europe isn’t open.


Currently, we are living at the lake house. We haven’t found a place yet, but we still have hope. Being at the lake house has been very fun.


We have moved to a new lake house (Ft. gibson lake). We have found a house! It’s actually just up the road from where we are staying. Can’t wait to move in and get some fish tanks started again!

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