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Saltwater Tank Part 2

So I recently took 2 trips to the aquarium store. Most supplies are a little different from the ones in the first post.  The first store was PetCo. There I bought the light, sand, and saltwater mix for the tank. The light I bought was a Coralife mini clip-on, the same quality as what I was going to get for a third of the price. The saltwater was a slightly more expensive brand, but I needed to get a bag. The sand I bought was CaribSea live sand.  It helps to cycle a tank faster. I bought the 20 lb. bag for a deep (3 inch) sandbed.

The day after that, we went to Tulsa to the saltwater specialist shop to buy aquarium stuff. I bought 3.5 pounds of live rock, a saltwater test kit, and a reef test kit. The employee there recommended a bottle of TurboStart 900 for my tank. I bought it, brought it home, and put it in my tank. 2 hours later I tested it and it was cycled. This is amazing! It normally takes 6+ months to cycle a saltwater aquarium. I will definitely be going back. Then a few days later, we went to PetCo. I bought an orchid dottyback and it is currently in the tank! Currently, + Add New Category it is just starting to come out of hiding.

Around 3 days later, the dottyback started to come out of hiding. It ate some flake food and started coming out more. The next day, I went back to PetCo to buy some frozen brine shrimp, which it was happy to eat. 2 days later, I bought a lawnmower blenny. Originally it was labeled as a scooter blenny, but I believe it was mislabeled.

Around 3 days later, I went to the aquarium store in Tulsa. I was having some green algae problems, so I picked up an emerald crab and a green star polyp coral. That morning, the blenny jumped out of the tank. That same day, the dottyback stopped hiding in it’s cave and was out all the time. What fish will I get next time? Find out the next post!

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