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Saltwater Tank Part 1

Saltwater tank plans:

Currently, I am setting up a 10-gallon, budgeted saltwater reef, although the tank is still in storage. If you want you can set up a similar tank you can use this as a guide. However,  my budget is complete. In this post, I will break down the budget for you. It is broken into 3 parts. These are the livestock, the equipment needed to cycle the tank, and the equipment to complete the reef.

The first part of the budget is the cheapest, the basic essentials to run a saltwater tank. The equipment was chosen is of the highest quality in its price range. There are a few items where you should buy the best quality you can afford, but that’s in a different part of the budget. The first item on the list is the heater. $20 is an average price for the heaters, with higher-end ones being $40+. However, for this tank, the $20 heaters will suffice. This is the one I chose:

The next thing is salt. Salt is one of the most important aspects of having a reef, the salt you choose will directly impact your corals. The different salt brands have different mixtures of trace elements (the minerals that keep the corals growing). The trace mineral mixtures in these different salts affect how fast your corals grow, and even if they grow at all. There are basic reef salts, complex reef salts, and basic salts not for reefs at all. This is the one I chose: LiveAquaria® Professional Reef Salt | Aquarium Supplies at LiveAquaria

The next item is the test kit. The test kit’s accuracy has a huge impact on the tank. I chose the basic API saltwater test kit for the basics. The API tests for nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, and pH. To test for calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium (the three staples to a reef), I will be using the Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit. For dosing magnesium, calcium, and alkalinity. I will be using the Red Sea Reef foundation package:

Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack | Aquarium Supplies at LiveAquaria

For lighting, I plan to use the Fluval Spectrum Mini, a high-quality, high-output light. The reason that I plan on using such strong lighting is simple. The livestock I plan on having (clams and coral) requires that kind of light.

Speaking of livestock… aren’t you curious about what this tank is going to have in it? The final stocking list is going to be: an emerald crab, 4 bumblebee snails, and an orchid dottyback. That’s all for this post!

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